Get ready to dive into the heart of electronic music at EDC Las Vegas 2024! This electrifying festival returns to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, bringing a lineup of world-class artists who are set to deliver performances that resonate with energy and innovation. EDC Las Vegas is more than just a festival; it’s a gathering of ravers from all corners of the globe, coming together to celebrate life and the art of electronic dance music. As the sun sets over the desert, the stages come alive with lights, sound, and the spirit of thousands of fans ready to dance through the night.

In this blog, we will guide you through the top performances to watch, giving you insights into the artists and the thrilling experiences they bring to the stage. Prepare for a journey filled with dynamic beats, breathtaking visuals, and a festival atmosphere that only EDC can offer. Whether you are a returning EDC fan or planning your first trip to the festival, this is your gateway to understanding why EDC Las Vegas is a highlight of the year for electronic music enthusiasts. Join us as we explore what makes each artist a must-see at this year’s event.

1. John Summit

John Summit, real name John Walter Schuster, is a powerhouse in the electronic dance music scene. He burst onto the scene in 2020 with his hit “Deep End,” which dominated the charts and became the longest-running number one track on Beatport that year. Known for his infectious house and techno rhythms, Summit has graced stages at Coachella, Tomorrowland, and EDC Las Vegas. His marathon performances are a blend of energetic originals and captivating remixes that ensure the crowd is always moving. Don’t miss John Summit if you’re looking for a night filled with rhythmic beats and an electric atmosphere.


2. Deorro

Deorro began his DJ career playing local gigs at just 14 years old. By 17, he was producing his own tracks. His remix of DJ Chuckie’s “Make Some Noise” gave him way into the spotlight, reaching the top 50 on Beatport. Deorro has remixed tracks for icons like Steve Aoki and Gareth Emery, bringing a vibrant blend of energetic beats to every performance. His sets are known for their dynamic energy and ability to get the crowd jumping. Make sure to catch Deorro’s set at EDC for a mix of old hits and new bangers.


3. Dj Snake

Sami Étienne Grigahcine, globally recognized as DJ Snake, has become synonymous with his unique style in electronic dance music. Garnering a reputation as a Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum DJ and music producer, DJ Snake has carved a niche for himself with his groundbreaking music productions and high-profile collaborations. Best known for his chart-topping hit single “Turn Down for What” featuring Lil Jon in 2013, DJ Snake has consistently pushed the boundaries of hip hop and electronic music. As a French superstar, his journey exploring house music continues to captivate and amaze audiences worldwide. Seeing DJ Snake live at the festival is an experience filled with groundbreaking beats and memorable moments.


4. Hugel

Born in Marseille, Hugel grew up surrounded by music. Influenced by his parents’ love for funk, disco, and jazz, he ventured into hip hop and RnB during his teens. Hugel began DJing at 16 and producing records by 17. His sets are known for their diversity, blending classic genres with modern sounds. Attendees at his EDC performance can expect a vibrant set filled with rhythm and soul that reflects his musical journey from cassette tapes to big stages.


5. Slander

The American DJ duo of Derek Andersen and Scott Land, has taken the EDM world by storm with their unique “heaven trap” sound. Known for their emotional remixes and high-energy performances, Slander’s rise to fame was cemented with their viral hit remix of Showtek’s “We Like to Party.” Their music connects on a deep level, weaving lush melodies with intense drops. Be sure to experience Slander’s set at EDC Las Vegas for a perfect blend of euphoria and adrenaline.


EDC is more than just a gathering; it’s a grand celebration where ravers from all over come together to share their love for EDM music. At the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, you’ll be surrounded by bright colors and incredible sounds, creating perfect moments one after another. This festival is a paradise for ravers, offering a chance to escape everyday life and dive into a world of music and joy. So, pack your neon gear and prepare to make tons of new friends who share your passion. EDC Las Vegas promises an experience full of music, light, and community. It’s the perfect place to create memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t miss out on this amazing celebration of EDM music and culture. From dancing under the vast night sky filled with stars to exploring mesmerizing art installations, there’s endless fun waiting for you.